April 23, 2012

Adobe Shadow – First Impressions

With mobile devices being so popular, web users increasingly use mobile browsers instead of desktop browsers to surf the web. Developers and designers need to keep this in mind when building web sites to avoid potential revenue loss due to web pages being unattractive or unusable on mobile devices.

February 28, 2012

Migrating Drupal 6 Multigroups to Drupal 7 Field Collections

Although the CCK3 module had never seen a full release, it was still worth upgrading Drupal 6 sites from CCK2 to CCK3, because the latter added a very compelling tool to CCK's arsenal: Multigroups. This feature allowed users to group several fields together, and enter multiple values into that set of fields as a whole by repeating the field group whenever a new value is added.

December 14, 2011

Serving Mobile from Drupal

Mobile devices are gaining incredible popularity when it comes to accessing web content. Web site owners and web developers are facing the challenge of having to serve all the needs of mobile users as well as web users. I have recently been given a chance to work on a Drupal site that serves web users and mobile users from one singe Drupal installation.

October 4, 2011

Static Maintenance Page During Drupal Upgrade

Drupal has a setting that allows you to put the site off-line, and show a maintenance message to the visitors. However, in order to determine that the site is in off-line mode and load the maintenance page, Drupal still needs to boot up to some extent, which involves loading several PHP files and connecting to the database. This may lead to the visitors seeing error messages, if the site is being tampered with while they try to access the site.

August 8, 2011

Resolving Issues in the Kaltura Video Drupal Module

At Urban Insight, the Kaltura video platform is one of our favorite video hosting services because it has excellent support for mobile devices. Uploaded videos can be converted to mobile format, and when Kaltura code is embedded in a site, videos play nicely on virtually any mobile device. Unfortunately, the Kaltura Drupal module does not currently provide effortless support for the Kaltura HTML5 player feature.